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BREAKING NEWS; Boris Johnson accepts a gift of an ice cream which a friend a Conservative supporter bought but he failed to declare it in GOVT gratuity register; @Keir_Starmer wants 9 Inquires & @EdwardJDavey demands Boris Resigns stating Boris has enough Lolly to buy his own!🤷‍♂️

Only 7% of #landlords advertise pet friendly houses, despite over 50% of adults owning a #pet.
In accordance to this, the #government have updatedthe standard tenancy agreement to allow pets in #rental properties. Find out what that means for you here:

The next budget meeting which is set to take place on March 3rd is to announce further details on the proposed “cladding tax“. An article by The Spectator discusses the post- Grenfell crisis and the possible solutions. Read it here:

An article published by @thisismoney states that “on average, 71% of [a young persons] wage would have to go towards #renting a home” as rent prices branded #unaffordable for many. We would love to know in the comments your thoughts or experience on this!

New infomation shows that #renters are now seeking larger homes as a knock-on effect of the #coronavirus. Have you been influenced by the new demand pattern? Let us know in the comments!
Read more from @LA_Today here:
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