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Save costs and
make your
business more
efficient for FREE!


How it works

Free Benefits

Advertise for FREE

Advertise all your properties
for FREE in our marketplace

Reduce Costs

Reduce referencing costs through
using tenant online profiles

Save time

Reduce tenant application and
processing time – the tenant
provides Right to Rent evidence

Review Tenants

View a tenants profile and previous
reviews when they request to
view a property

Get Alerts

Receive legal document
alerts to keep protecting your
Landlords interests

Get more business

Win new landlords’ properties when
they see your excellent reviews from

Evidence Communication

Evidence communication between
parties so there are no

Evidence repairs

Log any repairs and
replacements and keep on
top of any tasks at hand


An optional upgrade that the tenant
can choose to participate in or as it
benefits the Landlord he can subsidise.
It does not come under the Tenant Fee
Ban and will help collect rents, report
to Experian and deal with all deposit
registrations so you don’t have to

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the NRS help Agents with the Tenant Fee Ban?

Tenants on our TAP scheme will mean that we look after all deposit registrations, collect rent and report rent payments to Experian, so you don’t have to.

It does not come under the tenant fee ban as its a membership, is not connected to any one tenancy or part of a tenancy agreement and it is optional.

Selling the benefits to tenants and/or landlords will mean that some of the revenue you have lost and are trying to cover/replace from charging and potentially losing your landlords is mitigated, saving you time and hassle in these areas.

Contact us for more details

Can agents absorb the cost rather than charging Landlords?

The costs start at £1.98 per property per month for a residential. You can absorb this or charge it to your landlords, that is entirely up to you how you wish to work it within your payment structure.

Can we add each property upon a new tenancy?


You can sign up the Agency, then when you renew a tenancy you can get them on board.

We can come over to you to bulk load on to the system, if you wish, contact us to find out more.

Can we use our own AST's?

Absolutely, just send us your tenancy agreement, we will set it up free of charge then you can use it every time you create a new tenancy.

How will the NRS help save us money so we don't have to charge more to the landlord?

You know what you currently pay.

We believe that over time The NRS could save you (depending on the size of your branch and current commitments) around £2,000+ per month per branch.


Property adverts are free

ASTs are free

With tenants on TAP we deal with deposits and rents

Tenants build their own own reference based on previous actions in previous tenancies so no need to pay for referencing costs.

No time wasted on tenant application forms and checks

No time wasted on rent collections



Contact us for further details.

How will the NRS collecting rent for TAP tenants effect us?

We take payments by DD when a tenant is on TAP.

For Agents this can work one of 2 ways.

We collect and pay you. You then process it and pay your landlords.



For a small fee we collect the rent, pay your agreed monthly management fee to you and pay the balance to the landlord. There are potentially huge advantages to this for agents.

1 – This could help you seriously reduce your rent collection, processing costs and timescales

2 – Could reduce the need for such large retail outlets and the costs associated to them.

3 – Our model means landlords receive their rent on the due date or before (this may not be the case if we pay you then you pay the landlord)

4 – Will certainly make you more attractive to landlords looking for a better service, so you could easily increase your portfolio too.

Speak to us for more details

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