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How it works

The Benefits

Reduce costs

Reduce your landlord costs,
including tenant find only fees

View tenant history

Preview tenants previous rental
history from landlords just like yourself

Reduce void periods

Enjoy professional and personalised
AST’s and electronic signing between all
involved parties. Speeding up the process
and reducing void periods

Oversee letting agents

Letting agent runs your portfolio? View
your agent’s ‘in-life’ management of your
properties and step in should you need to

Automated moving dates

Enjoy automated move in/out dates so
council tax and utilities can be accurately

Advertise properties

Need to re-let? Advertise your properties
to tenants with known history in our

Update block management

Automatic updates to your block management
company of tenancy details and contact
numbers for insurance, safety and emergency

End of year overview

End of year financial income and
expenditure for  individual properties
and as a portfolio

Sign up to NRS today!


Per property / Per month
  • Automated AST with verified signature
  • Automated tenant pack
  • All compliance docs in one location
  • Timeline/date stamp on all communication
  • Record all property costs (eg. new washing machine)
Per property / Per month
  • Automated AST with verified signature
  • Automated tenant pack
  • All compliance docs in one location
  • Timeline/date stamp on all communication
  • Record all property costs (eg. new washing machine)
Per property / Per month
  • Automated AST with verified signature
  • Automated tenant pack
  • All compliance docs in one location
  • Timeline/date stamp on all communication
  • Record all property costs (eg. new washing machine)

Frequently Asked Questions

What if its only me that signs up in my area?

Rest assured, even if you are one of the first handful in your area to sign up, the benefits of joining far out-weigh any absence of a huge database for your area.

The more landlords that sign up the more it will encourage others to and at that point you will also start to enjoy a growing tenant database.

However the NRS is not just about a landord/tenant database. If you are the only one in you area…..

It give you all the tools necessary to be able to manage your portfolio yourself or keep control and in communication with your tenant and/or letting agent

You will be evidencing your good work as a landlord

You will be setting out clear terms and rules of engagement between yourself, your letting agent and tenant

You make all the paperwork slick and automated.

Whether you let your properties direct, or through a letting agent, you open up communication channels that enable you to check things are getting done.

Have a potential letting agent or tenant you work with that doesn’t want to participate in demonstrating transparency? Well you  may have just saved yourself a lot of time, money and hassle

You will have a platform for you to show off and find those good low risk tenants you are after

You will be helping yourself with any issues through timelined evidence  if the tenancy turns sour later down the road.

See the other benefits on this page

Why should I sign up if I am paying for a property license?

The NRS is not an either or to licensing.

It can be a viable alternative to licensing. But that’s for another day.



What do you get for your license? Nothing

What does it cost? It varies around the country but be sure that it will increase when its renewed. Whatever you have paid you will get no advantage in the market place for it.


Join The National Rental Standard and pay the equivalent of a cup of coffee per month


Show your tenants you are a professional landlord.  The NRS gives tenants a platform to demonstrate that they too are responsible, transparent and accountable..

Point the Council to your property page so all you need to do is update that with the new docs, let’s work a transition towards a true alternative to licensing.

Auto send tenancy move in move out dates and appropriate ASTs for Council tax accountability

The more that join, the better and bigger the tenant database, the more reliable tenants you will find

Quick easy free referencing

Have had a great tenant – give them a great review and help them get to the front of the queue when they move on

Contribute to an “ecosystem” where all good landlords, tenants and agents come together and assist each other through demonstrating well maintained properties, good service and responsible renting

Things do go wrong and therefore the time lined communication proving beyond doubt fault  and therefore the new version of any section 21 notices can help be proven to stand and by a 3rd party.

Evidence repairs and replacements

Free property adverts

Free e-signature ASTs

Inc & Exp process

Easy Right to Rent process

NO tenant find fees when a tenant is found or finds you through the NRS – this alone could replace your license fee back into your pocket!

Pay for tenants TAP or encourage them on it – we collect rent – report to Experian – we deal with the deposit process – they build a ‘live’ rent payment history on their profile – YOU get paid ON or BEFORE the due date, not after.


STILL wondering if the equivalent of a cup of coffee per month is worth joining the NRS?

What if any tenants do not want to sign up?

Its your property, you are liable for every cost to purchase, run and maintain that property and to keep it legal and provide a duty of care and peaceful enjoyment to each tenant living in your property, your neighbours and all who visit. Does that tenant become a higher or lower risk to you if they say no? Do you then want to let them in?

Why would I sign up when I have a letting agent looking after everything?

The fines and liability that are associated with today’s rental industry stops at the landlord not the agent. If your agent fails you, you pick up the tab or worse still YOU lose the ability to be a landlord.

Agents are going through a tough time too and are also trying to survive whilst providing you with a good service.

We have seen an increase in young inexperienced labour which unfortunately has a knock on effect as valuable experience has been lost  Turnover of staff in agencies are high so information is lost in transfer and skeleton staff means things do not always get done when they should.

Signing up to the NRS allows you to be more up to date with what is going on as you have access to all communication between your agent and tenant, allowing you to chase up or jump in if something is not right or is not happening as quickly as it should, it allows you to to protect your assets

This could save you in the long run in several areas.

Can the NRS collect my rent?

For all tenants on TAP yes, we collect the rent.

The Tenant pays for TAP, however, a Landlord can pay a monthly fee that will provide all paying tenants in the property the benefits of the TAP scheme. We would then also collect rent.

We collect the rent via a GoCardless DD, 15 days before the due date. This is so the landlord get their rent in their bank account on the due date. If an agent is involved this would be down to how quick an agent can transfer your money to you but going on the current process they will receive it before they would normally collect it at present.

We report rent payments to Experian. This may help tenants improve their credit scores.

Are the property adverts automated?

Yes they are.

You need to ensure that all info that you want on the property page (pictures etc) is there and up to date to give you the best opportunity to find the tenant you are looking for.

When a notification is received to terminate from any party then the property becomes visible without you having to do anything. It will also go out on social media.

TAP tenants get first look, then other tenants on our system.

How can I show my property is fit for habitation

We have a sister company called The Housing Health and Safety Rating System Company.,.uk

This enables an inspection of your property to prove it is Fit for Habitation. You get a certificate of up to 5 years that will go on your profile and property advert for tenants to pick you over someone who does not have one.

If your property is less than 1 year old or been fully refurbished in the last 12 months you will get a free certificate when you join the NRS

Go to the site to find out more.

Will this stop me from getting a rogue tenant?

If a tenant is not on the NRS ask them if they are happy to be as it is as much of a benefit to them as it is yourself.

If they say Yes, you know you have a tenant, happy to be reviewed and transparent.

If they say, No. You would have to ask yourself the question, Why Not? the decision to find another tenant or to let them into your property is your decision alone.

This may be enough of a filter for most tenants. Nothing, however, will stop a seriously bad tenant from doing what they are intending to do. They may sign up even if they know what they will be doing and we can not stop that.

What we can stop together,  is REPEAT offenders. Often these rogue tenants go from one rental property to another causing grief, damage, ASB and huge costs to everyone involved whilst they enjoy a free ride on the landlord and the current rental system

Once they are on, then all NRS members will be able to avoid these rogue tenants from causing issues in their properties as will other landlords rogue tenants be refused to let in yours, when they use the NRS tenant public reference page.

The more members, the more security for all.

Why should I give a discount to tenants on TAP?

No landlord will give notice to leave on a tenant that looks after their property, pays the rent on time and causing no ASB in the surrounding areas.

Most landlords refrain from increasing rent in order to keep a good or great tenant in the property.

Tenants that are on the NRS TAP scheme are so voluntarily. They will take a min of 12 months to become fully accredited and they are paying a monthly membership to be a tenant on TAP.

Fully accredited or not, these tenants are wanting to show any landlord that they are the best tenants in the market by proving they do do all of the above.

We are asking Landlords to participate in acknowledging these great tenants by offering a discount to TAP tenants as they are the tenants that landlords are looking for and are wanting to keep in their properties. The NRS are helping you to find them.

There are obvious benefits for you to do this.

We want landlords to specify they are happy to participate each time you set up a new property and set the rents accordingly. This will effect the deposit amount put down to but this becomes an advantage to both yourself and the tenant.

EVERYONE is happy!

Apart from the obvious advantages of accepting TAP tenants are there any other reasons why I should?

Have a look at the TAP information on the tenant pages.

Tenants can enjoy Deposit Transfers – which means the NRS looks after their deposits this saves you time and money doing it yourself.

We also collect rent from the tenant and pass it on to you and then report the payments to our partner, Experian. This can help tenants improve their credit score but also saves you the time and money setting up Std Ords/DDs, collecting or chasing rents.

Our system ensures that landlords will receive their rent due ON the due date or before. If there is a letting agent involved then this will depend on the Agent processes as to when you will receive it but be assure they will have received it on or before the due date which is similar or better than the current process anyway. Speak with your agent regarding the time they will take once they receive the rent from us.

Providing a discount for TAP tenants taking full responsibility for their rent and the property is surely a bit of a no brainer especially when compared to those tenants not proving so.

What discount should I give a TAP tenant?

It is entirely up to you.

The NRS suggests

£25 discount per month for Tap tenants pending Accreditation. (joined but have not yet achieved their full accreditation status)

£40 discount per month for TAP tenants that are FULL Accredited.

We help you through this process each time you set up a new property. You don’t have to participate, just tick No when asked.


Full accreditation requires a minimum 12 rolling months of on time or early rent payments plus other criteria.

It will help you find the best tenants and for you to enjoy long term rents with little or no void periods, cost saving  as you go.

Is there any help with the new Making Tax Digital?


We have basic Income and Expenditure sheets that can provide you with basic quarterly and annual figures per property/portfolio that can be sent to your accountant or for you to help complete the upcoming MTD process.

We collect some of this information as we go providing you enter the relevant info in the correct areas. Any other info you want as part of this will be up to you to spend the time adding it to the correct sheet.

Invoices can be added where required.

Can the NRS help me manage RIGHT to RENT checks?


Currently most checks are done incorrectly and not in accordance with the law, this leaves landlords vulnerable.

We have an easy right to rent process.

The NRS believes tenants also have a responsibility in proving they have the right to rent if they are wanting to rent a property. After all it is to their own benefit.

Therefore when tenants sign up we encourage them to complete their own right to rent profile. Our simple process makes it easy for them to know what they need if they don’t have it, where to get it or how to replace a document. They then upload all relevant documents in readiness to come to you to rent.

This saves landlords and agents the pain in getting this information together before doing the checks.

When a tenant comes to you and is part of the NRS they should have everything ready for you to check. You will see this on their profile if they send you a request to view from the NRS property advert before you even meet them.

We take you through the legal checking process to show you have checked them correctly.

The process is logged on your timeline.

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