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The NRS is the MOT for renting – ensuring legal
requirements are met


How it works

The Benefits

Instant Process

Check properties are compliant with
all legal documents at the click of
a button

Live Updates

Receive information on move in/out
dates and when they happen for
council tax purposes

Easy Right to Rent Checks

Support Landlord queries by checking
tenant Right to Rent documents are
genuine at a push of a button

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Time and Cost Save

Check complaints are valid and genuine with
reviews and profiles, time stamp communication
before needing to visit a property


The NRS reduces your administrative costs and
time in getting rid of the need to process physical
documentation from every landlord and property

A great alternative to Licensing

Extremely viable for both Council and Landlord.
Covers all criteria of most current licensing
schemes in the UK. Evidence and compare the
success of your scheme throughout its term

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Frequently Asked Questions

How will it help recover unpaid council tax?

If a tenant has outstanding council tax the bill/invoice can be added to their profile, they can dispute or accept it. If they accept it but have not paid after 28 days this becomes visible on their public page.

Not paying their council tax or other bills may make it difficult for landlords to accept a tenant in to their property as they will not want them to do the same during their tenancy.

Why should we use the NRS when it won't help us find the rogue landlords?

By understanding who the good landlords are means that its easier to find the rogue landlords.

Any tenant complaints can also be authenticated by checking out the tenant as well as the landlord profiles, allowing you solve problems with out leaving the office so you can spend your resources elsewhere.

What can we see when we check a tenant or landlord?

You will see their public profiles giving basic information about them, any tenancies plus their ratings so you can be sure that responsibilities are being met by all parties.

Can the NRS help with Universal Credit payments?

Universal credit payments get stopped and started each time there is a change in tenancy especially when payments go direct to the landlord.

Using the NRS means that you pay the Universal Credit to us and we distribute it between parties even when the landlord changes, we do the work.. This limits disruption for both tenants and landlords and ensure arrears do not get out of hand and payments are made on time.

It will also encourage some landlords to start letting to tenants on benefits

Can the NRS help get more benefit tenants into the PRS?

By benefit tenants joining the NRS they will build a rental profile that will help landlords that would not normally look at benefit tenants to consider those with great profiles, reviews and payment history.

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