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Know who is living
in every unit
at any one time


How it works

Free Benefits

Relevant information

Up to date information
on all occupants

Great communication

Easy communication between
all parties

Business growth

Helps you win other opportunities
to manage other blocks in your area

Better Block Management

Identify issues and manage communication
with tenants more effectively

Manage issues

Reduce potential damage
and storage issues in common areas

Everyday management

Make it part of your internal process
to give you full control of day to day

It’s FREE!

Completely FREE to block
management companies!

Manage invoicing

Easily manage maintenance invoices
and send directly to landlords

Sign up to NRS today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add owner occupiers?

Yes you can.

This allows you to have every occupant in every unit you oversee to have a name and a voice. Making communication and care of duty easy and simple.

How do I get all owners on board?

Once you have signed up it is straight forward to add all the owners. You will already have their addresses and email. fill in the form and send them an invite.

Many Block Management companies are writing it in to their contracts so that it becomes a condition of having a unit in one of your blocks.

It demonstrates duty of care and means continuous updates so you know who is in all properties.


How will I know when a new tenant moves in?

All parties at this point will be on the system.

As soon as a new tenancy is created  by either the landlord or agent, the system will update and the next time you look, you will have all the latest information..

Will it help with keeping common areas free of bicycles and prams?

Yes, especially if you have cctv installed.

You can send a message to the whole block or to individuals including uploading a picture. If occupants are still blocking fire exits then ASB warning can be sent before going on their profile.

Will I know who the Agent, Landlord and tenant are for each unit?


You will be able to communicate to all parties and will be able to see the public profile pages of each person looking after or staying in each unit, including move in dates, ASTs, and property pages with legal documents attached.

Can we have our own AST for the block for all landlords to use instead of their agents ASTs?

Yes, just provide us with your AST and we will set it up so that all properties for your site or blocks will have your AST as a default AST when they renew any future tenancies.

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