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Transparency in the rental sector

What our Clients say

I was trapped as I could not afford another deposit to move. I joined the NRS tenant accreditation program and now I am free to move as I can transfer my deposit and my rent helps me improve my credit score. Love it.

— Stacey Pickering


This system has some really useful tools and is really starting to help us deal with the tenant fee ban. Landlords can see us for the great work we do thanks to the reviews from our tenants and we have already picked up several landlords that are not happy with their current agent new fee structure.

— Andrew Smith

Letting Agent

I have some properties I look after myself and some by different agents, this system keeps everything in one place and allows me to monitor my agents and step in if I am not happy with the service they are providing my tenants. I now get copied in on all messages between Tenant and Agent, I feel so in control.

— Roy Owens


Transparency in the rental sector

Did you know that nearly a quarter of houses in the UK are rented with 92% of landlords being private individuals operating their rentals part time?*  Renting is the only option for many today and with such a fragmented industry controlling such a large portion of the private rental sector the Government has introduced (and continues to do so), a whole raft of new regulations in an attempt to provide a basic standard of renting

Whether landlord, letting agent, block management or tenant, all should be accountable for their actions. When one party is persistently substandard it is often only experience and hindsight when this is identified, “caveat emptor” (buyer beware) is so true in this respect, and the effect it can have on hassle, emotion, time and money is unaccountable

As an unbiased platform, The National Rental Standard has brought everything together in one digital platform which enables you to manage the complete rental life-cycle and be compliant with Government guidelines. Whether you are letting or renting, we de-risk the rental market by helping responsible, accountable and transparent members to work better together

*The Department for Communities and Local Government’s (DCLG) Private Landlords Survey 2010

NRS for Letting Agents

Its not just landlords that are going through a tough transition

The NRS can help agents find a way through the tenant fee ban, the right to rent process and reduce the need for the use of section 21.  The NRS demonstrates to both existing and prospective landlords that you are efficient, effective, and aim towards best practice

Not only that but it can effectively help to reduce your operating costs so enable you to still remain profitable as profit margins are squeezed

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NRS for Landlords

Difficult times require difficult decisions, stepping outside the box or finding something new that will help you stay on top of your game.

Some landlords with agents are demoralised and are looking to go it alone, some landlords are overwhelmed with the changes that they are looking for an agent to help the burden.

Either way the NRS is a fantastic tool to keep you in control and have everything you need at a touch of a button, providing transparency and accountability for your portfolio.

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NRS for Block Management

At last, an easy way of knowing who is occupying each and every unit in any given block at any given time. Updated every time a tenant moves out or in.

Easy communication to all occupants, their landlords and their agents. All time lined to take away all the excuses so any leaks or issues can be reported swiftly reducing potentially severe costs and insurance claims.

Through increased awareness and better communication systems, The NRS can help monitor and keep common areas cleaner, tidier and uncluttered


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NRS for Tenants

The tenant fee ban may sound great but landlords are going to be increasingly cautious about who they let to.

How do landlords tell one tenant apart from the other?

The NRS is a great FREE tool for you to do just that. Prove to your next landlord you are the tenant for that property.

Build up your own great reference that has all the information needed so that a landlord has the confidence to let to you.

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NRS for the Council

The NRS can be used by Landlords and Councils alike to effectively administrate property schemes.  For the Council , it completely removes the additional administrative burden of collecting and checking all mandatory requirements eg EPC, Gas certificates etc – as the system demonstrates compliance and can send reports saving you time and money

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